Current Residents

MedStar NRH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation House Staff 2017-2018

class of 2020

  • William Berrigan MD
    William Berrigan, MD

  • Ketherin DeGraff DO
    Katherine DeGraaff, DO

  • Roderick Geer
    Roderick Geer, MD

  • Jennifer Hankenson MD
    Jennifer Hankenson, MD

  • Lindsay Migliore DO
    Lindsey Migliore, DO

  • Matthew Kelly MD
    Matthew Kelly, MD

class of 2019

  • Brian Fricke
    Brian Fricke, MD

  • Gregory Kelly
    Gregory Kelley, MD

  • Mark Gruner
    Marc Gruner, DO

  • Michael Wroten
    Michael Wroten, MD

  • Nikolai Khromouchkine
    Nikolai Khromouchkine, MD

  • Yue-shan Yang
    Yue-shan Yang, MD

class of 2018

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis, MD

  • Rohan Kapoor
    Rohan Kapoor, MD

  • Rishi Vora
    Rishi Vora, DO

  • Patrick Martone
    Patrick Martone, DO

  • Emma Nally
    Emma Nally, MD

  • Daniel Reid
    Daniel Reid, MD

  • ¬†

class of 2017

  • Rashad Ahmed, MD
    Rashad Ahmed, MD

  • Mayur Amin, MD
    Mayur Amin, MD

  • Michael Auriemma, MD
    Michael Auriemma, MD

  • Joseph Connor, Jr. MD
    Joseph Connor, Jr. MD

  • James Liadis, MD
    James Liadis, MD

  • Joseph Sclafani, MD
    Joseph Sclafani, MD

Class Pictures