Georgetown University, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, and MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

Welcome to the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center.  In partnership with MedStar National Rehabilitation Network and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, we provide:

  • Specialized clinical rehabilitation care for adults and children with neurologic disorders, orthopedic and sports injuries, chronic pain, amputation, polio,  and complex wounds
  • Education for physician trainees in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:  a PM&R residency program; Fellowships in Sports Medicine and Brain Injury Medicine. Click here to see where our graduates are going.
  • Advanced training for Physical Therapists, including residencies in Neurology, Sports, and Women’s Health. 
  • State of the art research in spinal cord injury (SCI) medicine, neuroplasticity, brain recovery, orthopedics, health disparities, biomechanics, and traumatic brain injury.