Application Procedure

NTRAIN Application Process

The application process involves two stages:

Stage 1:

  • The initial application is a personal statement describing your career and research objectives and how your background, experience and training have prepared you for advanced Neurorehabilitation research training. (roughly one page)
  • Include a brief (one or two page) description of your intended research
  • Describe your current faculty appointment, the academic environment where you will be as a scholar, and your anticipated institutional support
  • Identify what gaps you see in your training to date, and outline a general training plan including potential mentor(s)
  • This document should be less than five pages.
  • Include a current NIH biographical sketch

Stage 2:

  • Those candidates whose goals and experience meet the strengths of this NTRAIN will be invited to submit a more extensive application. 
  • The second stage of the application includes one page of specific aims (as for an NIH R01) and up to 5 page description of the research project including significance, innovation and proposed research design. Reference citations do not count as part of the 5 page requirement.
  • The applicant should identify potential co-mentors, located either locally or nationally. Members of the NTRAIN Executive Committee are able to provide guidance for identifying potential mentors if needed.
  • Include a clearly articulated proposed training plan (lab work, coursework, national meetings)for the two years of the K12 scholar program
  • Provide two letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation should be from your primary mentor and the other from another individual familiar with your research accomplishments and potential.
  • Submit a detailed statement of support from the current institution (usually Department Chair or Dean). This statement should confirm current appointment and the guarantee that the applicant will be able to contribute 75% of full-time effort to this award and will waive F&A funds (facility & administration). Support commitments beyond these two years are strongly encouraged and will be factored into the selection process.  


The NTRAIN Executive Committee will act as the selection committee. 

  • A key element in the selection process for NTRAIN Scholars is institutional and mentoring support.  The institutional commitment to the scholar’s career development plays a pivotal role in candidate evaluation. We require that each scholar have strong support from their home department and institution for their participation in this program. This is clearly a career development program that benefits not only the scholar her/himself but also provides long term benefit to their home department and institution.  The institution must guarantee 75% protected time for research, supplement candidate salary to a level equivalent to individuals in their department at similar rank and be willing to waive F&A funds. The home department and institution must also demonstrate their support for scholar participation in this NTRAIN in the 3 years following the direct stipend support by maintaining the commitment to protected time for the faculty scholar.  We will also prioritize scholars whose home institution provides pilot research funding during years 3-5 of the program as they transition to independent extramural funding.

First-stage application materials should be submitted here. Application is due by May 2022.