Derek Fitzgerald, MD

Resident Name: Derek Fitzgerald
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Medical School: Meharry Medical College
PM&R Interests: Sports, Brain Injury, MSK, Pain
Personal Interests: Houston Texans Football, MMA training, Business, Traveling

Why NRH? After visiting NRH for my interview I was instantly sold. I loved how the program exposes you to all that PM&R has to offer. From Brain Injury to Cancer rehab, I know I’ll be a well-rounded physiatrist when I leave NRH. The residents were happy and took pride in their program. More importantly, they were friends and spent time together outside of work. They felt like they were getting exceptional training along with a great work/life balance. The faculty at NRH were all very welcoming, and they encourage you to be a leader in the field. Lastly, I was excited about the opportunity to work in a beautiful and fun city like DC.