Hannie Batal, MD

Hannie Batal

Resident Name: Hannie Batal, MD
Hometown: Denver, CO / Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia / San Diego, CA
Medical School: Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary)
PM&R Interests: Spine & Sports, Concussion, Spasticity, & Regenerative Medicine
Personal Interests: Music (singing, guitar, going to concerts), Sports, Dogs, Watches, Exploring New Restaurants/Coffee Shops, Travel

Why NRH? Obviously, the Medstar NRH/GUH Program offers amazing resources, a vast network, as well as numerous sports team affiliations and academic opportunities. But while I do value all of these things, in all honesty, it was the people that made this program a clear top choice. Right away, I felt at home with everyone I met — from the leadership staff to the residents to the therapists. The culture is clearly collegial and inviting yet well structured, organized, and places an emphasis on wellness. I knew it was a perfect fit from the get-go and that I’d have everything I’d need to excel in my career but most importantly, I knew I’d enjoy training with people I could relate to so easily. What’s more, as a Categorical program, it’s structured so that you feel you’re part of the family from day one. Not to mention, DC is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to — and I’ve done a lot of traveling. I’m thrilled to be a part of the NRH team and look forward to exploring all that this city has to offer!