Herminio Navia, MD

Resident Name: Herminio “Jet” Navia
Hometown: Roseland, NJ
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
PM&R Interests: Spinal Cord Injury, Amputee Care
Personal Interests: Guitar, singing, live music, music recording/production, running, cycling
Why NRH? I was extremely fortunate to have NRH as my home program while in medical school. Having spent ample time at NRH through clinical rotations and research as a student, I have met and worked with so many wonderful faculty and resident mentors whom I wanted to continue working and spending time with. I also experienced first-hand how NRH prepares graduating residents for essentially any patient setting or fellowship. Combined with being in the DC area, where I have lived long enough to consider my second home, I knew that NRH would be a fantastic place to continue my clinical and personal growth.