Kelly Pham, MD

Dr. Kelly Pham is a pediatric rehabilitation medicine and adult physiatrist. Dr. Pham attended Georgetown University School of Medicine for her MD, completed residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Fellowship in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington. Dr. Pham practiced at Seattle Children’s Hospital and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington for 6 years before moving her family back to the metro-Washington DC area in 2022. Dr. Pham works with children and adults with childhood disability and areas of expertise include cerebral palsy, early detection, complex tone management, surgical tone management and brain injury, including concussion. The pillars of her practice include evidence-based medicine, collaboration, communication and patient-centered care. Dr. Pham’s practice is called Reach Pediatric Rehab and she is located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.