Rachael Harrington Received the 2014 Fletcher H. McDowell Award

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November 17, 2014 – The American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR) awarded the Fletcher H. McDowell Award to Rachael Harrington, MA/MS, CCC-SLP for the best clinical poster at the 2014 ASNR Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. ASNR offers the Fletcher H. McDowell Award for the best clinical science poster presented by a student, resident, or post-doctoral fellow, or a clinician within five years of training. The purpose of this award is to encourage research relevant to neurorehabilitation by clinicians and/or young investigators.

In addition, Ms. Harrington also presented her poster “Combining Theta Burst Stimulation with Reaching Practice in Individuals with Severe Post-Stroke Arm Impairment: Two Case Studies” at the 2014 ASNR and SfN meetings. 

Ms. Harrington is a third year doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Georgetown University. She was previously trained as a speech-language pathologist. Her primary research interests are in neurorehabilitation for the motor and language systems after stroke. 

By Brenda Tsai
Dept. of Rehab Medicine Communications