Sargoon Nepaul, MD

Resident Name: Sargoon Nepaul
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
Medical School: Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine
PM&R Interests: Pain, Sports and Spine, Regenerative Medicine, Spinal Cord Injury, Cancer
Personal Interests: Dancing, Travel, DIY projects, Hanging out with friends, Hiking, Camping

Why NRH? I was lucky enough to choose NRH as one of my away rotations and fell in love with the culture and the resources that it had to offer. Opportunities at NIH and Walter Reed, strong ultrasound curriculum, exposure to various specialties within PM&R, and competitive fellowship placement were just some of the many reasons that made NRH my top choice. Above all, during my rotation, I saw how much the residents encouraged each other to grow personally and academically. The camaraderie that residents had with each other were some of the closest relationships that I had observed during my interview trail. A robust categorical training program with a remarkable program director located in a beautiful city made NRH the perfect fit for me.