Shreya Patel, MD

Resident Name: Shreya Patel
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Medical School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine 
PM&R Interests: Cancer Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Interventional Spine, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine, Spinal Cord Injury
Personal Interests: Hiking, Skiing, Cooking, Work out, Mushroom Foraging, Spending time with friends and family!  

Why NRH? I rotated at NRH as a fourth year medical student and was so impressed with the people, the research, and the resources NRH had to offer.  I found in my conversations with NRH residents and attendings, and intense emphasis on personal development that was not only apparent but specific to this program.  This, in addition to their strong and supportive faculty and collaborative culture, made MedStar NRH-Georgetown the perfect fit for me.  I am very excited to have matched here and honored to be joining such a welcoming, dedicated, and impressive team!